About Durag Wave

Durag Wave was birthed in January 2019 due to the CEO Hahz shopping online and noticing that the durag websites looked janky (no shade) and the others were Amazon store. With his digital marketing magic Durag Wave was created with the  inspiration of the trend of young black men being consciously invested in self care of their hair and crowns.

Hahz wanted to also raise the bar in the quality of durags being sold from the corner papi store material to luxury penthouse fabric material. Durag Wave has thankfully generated over 100+ 5 star reviews on Google in under a years time from all of happy customers.

In less than a years time Durag Wave amassed over 35k Instagram followers and over 30k website visitors daily. To date we built our brand to a global Durag giant that ships to wavers across the world. We will continue to raise the bar in the Durag community.