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Durag Wave To Launch First-Ever Durag NFT Subscription

Durag Wave was crippled by the pandemic resulting in the #1 Durag eCommerce brand putting their company on ice. Durag Wave tokenized their brand in partnership with LUV NFT dCommerce marketplace to create a new beauty industry blueprint.

Digital luxury durag brand, Durag Wave, is set to launch the world’s first NFT durag subscription. Essentially, LUV NFT holders will get one of the brand’s durags once every months for a year. With this unique initiative, Durag Wave is bringing the Durag and NFT worlds under the same roof. Let’s take a closer look at what the Durag NFT subscription is all about.



About Durag Wave Durag NFT Subscription

Founded in October 2019, Durag Wave is a direct-to-consumer luxury Durag brand producing Durags inspired by velvet and silk patterns.

Its subscription model sets the company apart from other luxury players in the space. Only 444 of these limited edition subscriptions are available per month. Each month, the brand releases a new luxury durag style. All in all, 12 signature durag are released every year. Now, Durag Wave is all set to launch its NFT.

“The key to our success is creating a beauty industry dCommerce blueprint that can be cloned.” says its website. “And this NFT feels like the next step in growing and empowering that beauty industry community. We have a very clear roadmap for our brand, one that we wrote in our business plan long before we launched our first product.”

However, Durag Wave is yet to announce the specific details of its NFT durag subscription. With the upcoming drop, the brand is joining others that have launched their own NFTs.


We plan on dropping our first limited edition Durag NFT “DW $50” collection on LUV NFT 9.9.2022. Holders will receive a mystery bag worth $100 of Durag products. We will release a limited edition Durag to match the theme of our NFT drops. Along with hosting Telegram Waver contests that only our Durag NFT holders can access, the winners of the Waver contest will win money and free Durag NFTs.

In an effort to promote black owned business unity, we will partner with other Durag companies to tokenize their NFT subscriptions and educate their business about the new blockchain dCommerce economy.

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