Burgundy Long 360 Wave Brush - Medium Bristle

This burgundy wood grain Durag Wave medium bristle wave brush is essential on fresh haircuts to get your 360 Waves Faster! The Durag Wave brush has a durable boar bristle mix that allows it to stay firm without being too soft. Made with a refined softwood it is light and durable.

The first step to being a waver is having your brush game right to get the best waves. The more you brush the faster your waves will come in. There are many different wave brushes available today and this page will help teach you about a select few. It also will shed some light on which brush you should probably use if you’re a beginner. Our wave brushes have been rated better than Torino Pro Wave Brushes.


  • If you find that your wave brush feels too stiff or hard, soak it in a mixture of hot water and a few tablespoons of white vinegar for about 10 minutes. Rinse the brush thoroughly afterward, and allow it to air dry.
  • When you use a wave brush, always brush in the direction that your waves naturally fall. You’ll have an easier time defining your waves and achieve a more natural look.
  • Use your wave brush daily, going over each section of hair about 15 to 20 times or for up to two minutes. That will allow you to achieve the most defined waves possible.
  • To clean a wave brush, use your fingers to gently pull any hair from the bristles. Next, use warm water and a high-quality shampoo to carefully clean the brush surface. Be sure to rinse the brush completely to remove any shampoo residue, and then let it air dry completely.


Q. How is a wave brush different from a standard hairbrush?

A.The primary difference between a wave brush and a regular brush is that a wave brush is shaped to fit the contours of your scalp, which allows it to move easily in the direction of your waves to train them for greater definition. Nearly all wave brushes feature natural bristles, while standard hair brushes can feature natural bristles, synthetic bristles, or a combination of both. The natural bristles help minimize frizz, so your waves look as smooth as possible. The bristles on a wave brush are also spaced in a specific way to avoid snagging or tugging at your hair to maintain the natural shape of your waves.

Q. How long does a wave brush usually last?

A.The lifespan of a wave brush depends on its quality and how well you care for it. Inexpensive brushes that are made with synthetic bristles and plastic handles tend to wear out pretty quickly, so you’ll usually have to replace one every six months to a year. If you purchase a wave brush with natural bristles and a wood body and handle, you can get several years of use out of it, with many lasting as long as 10 years.

Keep in mind, though, that you must care for your brush properly to help it last as long as possible. Clean your wave brush with shampoo weekly to remove any hair product residue, as well as other dirt, oil, and bacteria that can accumulate.

Q. Which type of wave brush offers the most versatility?

A.If you’re not sure what type of wave brush to buy or you change your hair length frequently, a double-sided wave brush is the best option. It offers both hard and soft bristles, so you can easily adjust the side you use based on whether you have a short haircut or a longer style.




  • Mixed Boar/Flex Bristle

  • Establish uniform 360 wave pattern

  • Achieve deeper more defined waves
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