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Velvet Durags

Our designer premium velvet durags are the best in the game according to the waver community in 2019. Not only is the material soft AF they're comfortable as well.

The inside of our velvet durag's have silky satin material.All of our durags have extra-long strings that make this durag easier to wrap around all sized heads. We have over 100+ 5 star Google reviews from the waver community. If you read our Google reviews then you have seen that nearly 70% of the reviews talk about our high quality of fabrics used in all of our durags/doorags.


Durag FAQ

Is a Velvet Durag Good For 360 Waves?

Velvet durags are great for waves being that the outside is velvet and the interior has satin material. Velvet durags provide better compression than traditional silky durags, which can create better-looking waves.


Who Can Wear A Durag?

Anyone can wear a durag/dorag! Male, Female, White, Black, Dog, Straight, Gay. Simply put, a durag is a piece of cloth that is worn over the head. Now, that is just a simple way to describe a durag however there are many variations to that cloth. That piece of cloth can be made of different types of materials from silk to velvet.

They were originally worn by African American men to help keep hair intact throughout the day and now most importantly, they help get men that wavy hairstyle.

How To Wear a Durag?

There are many ways to wear a durag. There is the OG durag style with the tails on the back of the head which has been around since the conception of durags. This is the most common way to wear your durag. You can mix this up by having your tails longer and keeping them loose. 

Another style is to have the durag tails at the side.  Lastly, you can wear the durag with the tails on the front. This is only possible if you tie it so the strands don't block your face.  


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