Before Bed Blu XL Big Silk Bonnet

Our Before Bed Blu XL Big Bonnet comes in premium silky material. The inner lining is a silky soft material that keeps the hair fresh at night. It's secure and will not slide off your head in the middle of the night. Simply twist your hair into a loose bun or ponytail, pop the double-layer silk bonnet on and catch some beauty sleep while it protects your strands.


Sleep in a Durag Wave Luxury Bonnets & Wake Up To Luxurious Curls With Our Best Rated, Satin-Lined Night Time Bonnet with Edge Protect

  • Save Time in the Morning! Our Soft satin fabric inside the bonnet holds moisture, protects your curls so you're ready to go!
  • Grow Longer Hair! Your satin bonnet protects your ends so there's no breakage.
  • The Perfect Fit With No Slippage. Adjustable bonnet size fits your head perfectly and won't slip.
  • The Only Bonnet You'll Ever Need! This bonnet comes with a Lifetime Warranty so you'll never have to purchase another bonnet again!

1. The benefits of wearing a bonnet at night?

Wearing a bonnet saves you time doing your hair each day by keeping your curls moisturized and styled. Your hair grows longer because your ends will not break off while you sleep.

2. How many bonnets come in a pack?

You'll receive one bonnet per purchase order.

Care Instructions:
Machine wash with cold water and air dry.